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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

We're doing fall.

Although it seems the leaves can't fall from the trees fast enough and soon we'll be looking at sticks for months, we are getting a lot of mileage out of fall this year! Having a 1 year old makes everything more fun (though I didn't say it was easy.. :)

Anyway, I picked out this outfit from the magnificent Pepa Loves so I could feel like a mom in November in the '70s. It totally worked for me. I love having Goldie in my pics...they seem so boring now without her and I like to see myself as a mom. Does that sound weird? Oh well..I just love being Goldie's mom.

She's enjoying fall as well and has picked up a new hobby..collecting rocks. She picks two rocks up..hits them together a few times and grips onto them in each hand so tight that they are hot as fire when she lets go. It's adorable...then again...I am her number one fan. :)


Blouse & pants: c/o Pepa Loves 
Coat: c/o Romwe 
Bag: Asos 
Shoes: Rachel Comey 

 XO, Coury

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Fall Festival

Happy birthday dear Goldie.