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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Happy birthday dear Goldie.

The year that came and went in a flash. Beware, parents of fresh 2013 Scorpios....your year is about to FLY by.

We had a little party for her at my parents and it was such a magical day.  She was definitely overwhelmed by all the fun but she was such a sweetie all the darn day. She's been walking way more although is still very very cautious. She got her first scraped knee yesterday (of many to come I'm sure) which is why I wanted her to hold off on walking (forever?)...but I'm so proud of her. Seeing those wobbly knees and chubby ankles toddle around is like sunshine on the gloomiest day.

Let's also talk about the sight of my babe husband coming to the door with a huge Sofia The First balloon and flowers. He is the best Dadda. Love him forever and ever.

If you want to leave Goldie a birthday message in the comments I know she would love to read them someday. I saw Naomi do this for her babies and thought it was so sweet.

PS: Our friend Karlene MADE Goldie some books (6th pic up from the bottom). She needs a store immediately...or at least a blog!

Anyway, love my family and love you. Thanks for sharing the past year with us. ♥


I'm wearing a sweet dress from LASHES and Goldie's wearing a vintage dress from Elsie and Emma.

XO, Coury Pin It!Follow Fancy things.

We're doing fall.

Happy Halloween!