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Hi ya all!

Goldie is taking her nap and then we're all off to the annual Franklin PumpkinFest! Such a perfect day for it. 61 degrees and partly cloudy. Just cool enough to bundle up and not freeze! Love it.

Anyway, I've been drawn toward more simple styles this fall but sometimes I still get wooed by a funny girlie dress such as this. It has hot air balloons on it so what can I say? And what can I say about my little girl. I wouldn't call her a baby so much any more. She's looking and acting way more little girlish these days. Bittersweet, I tell you! She's talking so much babble talk with the craziest words this last week and is getting better and better at walking (took her first steps about 3 weeks ago). She'll be a year old in just 8 days. Where oh where does the time go?

Goldie is wearing her darling new gold moccasins from Little Looker Shop and I'm wearing my fun new sunglasses from Bonlook and trench from Urban 1972. My shoes are from Seychelles and my dress is from Romwe.

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Pumpkin Fest

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