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September Favorites (LaurenVon guest post)


Hi guys, hope you're joining me wherever you are on a lovely and happy day! I'm so glad you're here.

I am Fancytreehouse/Coury's sister and I am back for a beauty posting. Today I have a wrap-up of September with my favorites from the past month. Monthly favorites are stand out items that I have been using and enjoying quite a bit more than usual during the month. I always mix in some drug store with my higher end products and I hope there is something listed here that you can try and enjoy! If you'd like to see my previous beauty post I will include a link to that below.


Nars Roman Holiday Lipstick
I had tried this color in Nars velvet matte formula and absolutely hated the way it looked on me. I'm so glad that I decided to try Roman Holiday again in the creamy lipstick. This is by far the most equally moisturizing and pigmented lipstick I have right now. It's a beautiful soft pink that makes my lips look super hydrated and youthful. It is also enriched with vitamin E. My go-to pink!


Covergirl Jumbo Gloss Balm in Plum Twist
I think this is a great dupe for Mac's Rebel. And it's quite a bit less expensive! I love these gloss balms for every day use. This particular color is a great way to play it safe and still stay on trend with the dark fall lips without looking too melrose place (which is something I am ALL about by the way)


L'OREAL Magic Lumi Highlighter
This is a lovely cheek and brow highlighter and under eye concealer. It instantaneously makes me look more awake and fresh. I am so glad I finally tried this much talked about product. It took me awhile because I do not have a any issues with darkness under eye and I've never liked the idea of messy concealer but this product makes it SO EASY with it's twist click pen mechanism! I also bought this for Coury recently and she said she can't go a day without using it. I wear the lightest shade Fair (shocker!)


Red Apple Lipstick Eyeshadow in Champagne
First off let me just tell you that this is, by far, my all time favorite eye shadow. Seriously! I have so many: Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown, Nars, the list goes on and on... this is the best. I have issues with almost every eye product because of my highly sensitive skin and my eyelids end up swollen on a regular basis but not any more! The lovely people at Red Apple Lipstick were kind enough to let me try some of their products and I was blown away. The lipsticks are lush and natural and their Rallye Balm is a much better version of the Fresh lip scrub in easy lipstick form. All of their products are lab tested to be 100% FREE of gluten, parabens, lead, soy and animal parts & not tested on animals. YAY!
Visit Red Apple Lipstick for more information and to try something your face will love you for.


Lollia No. 19 Breathe

Have you guys been into Anthropologie and just lost it in love over a perfume then (casually and in a  "Hey. I have lots of money to buy this I just want to see the price just because.." way) lifted the bottle and thought, Cool. Nope! Well then I have a little treat for you. I was so excited to find these tiny bottles of the fragrances I love in-store online on amazon! This way I get to travel with them without worrying about breaking a $100 bottle and they are just so darn cute. I am googoogaga over this little Breathe number, it makes me feel ah-real-nice.


Maybelline The Falsies BIG EYES mascara
Literally delivers doll eyes to my face every day. Wands for top and bottom lashes. Does not smudge, does not cake. It's under $7. It's awesome.


Wen Fall Apple Spice Replenishing Treatment Mist
"It's like spraying a big ol' spiced apple on your head and face" Not sure why Wen didn't go for my product tag line. Anyway. This stuff! Another one from the gods. I love Wen and hopefully one day I can do an in depth review on why Wen is my favorite hair product ever, but in the mean time this mist is my September hair favorite! This is a blend of restorative botanicals and extract that give hair, face and body an instant pick me up. I love using this at the end of the day to revive my hair and I also use this as a makeup setting spray/ body spray. It's a jack of all trades and my goodness does it smell amazing. You can try many different "flavors" as I call, them on amazon for under $10!


OPI Dont Burst My Bubble 
I have been wearing this color from the Oz collection nearly every day. It is so lovely and dreamy and I cant help but feel like Glinda when I wear it. Sure I have a wand and make my dog Rooster call me Glinda, that might be what's helping me fee like Glinda too... I also found this on amazon and was THRILLED because it's limited edition, so find yours soon if you are interested!

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And here I am wearing almost every product mentioned!

Well that does it for me! If you guys liked this favorites format please leave a comment and let me know. I loved hearing from you last time! I will do my best to post here more often. 

Question for this month: What is your favorite liquid eye liner?

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