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Pumpkin Fest

Hey guys, time for our new tradition of the Franklin Pumpkin Fest! Goldie went last year although she was in my belly and getting ready to make her debut into the world! I guess I could still be 9 months pregnant in this outfit..haha.

I just love Franklin so much. It's one big Hallmark/Lifetime movie...speaking of...anyone know what the new Christmas movies are this year? Last year I got to watch them all because baby girl was just a teeny little thing and she didn't crawl, walk, sit-up, or play with toys yet. She was just a little dolly that ate and cried and smiled at us. It's crazy what a year can bring. Now she's becoming more and more like a real little person...soon she'll have opinions and even "use her words". :) Such a little joyful blessing, this one.

Have a great Tuesday everybody!

XO, Coury

Coat: Zara
Top: UO
Boots: Wanted
Hat: Target
Goldies sweater is Zara and pants are Baby Gap Peter Rabbit

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Happy Halloween!

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