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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

You make my heart go giddy up.

Well, here's my lollypop skirt.
It's soft and floaty and makes me want a Disneyland lollypop.

What's up guys? Tomorrow is my birthday. My first one with my baby. It seems like just yesterday that we were all watching Goldie on the ultrasound screen. What a crazy year it's been. I feel like I might be finally finding my place as a mom. I always assumed I would just 'be a mom' whenever I had a baby but that's just a silly way to think. I still have a lot of creative instincts that I want to fill. I don't know why I assumed I would just stop being who I am when I had a baby. I'll have one slice of humble pie to go please! Goldie is becoming more independent all the time and it's easier to  leave her with my mom these days so I see myself working a lot more.

The air felt breezy and different on our morning walk and it's signaling a fresh, new beginning. Maybe I'll go back to school. The beautiful part is that I really can do anything I want! God bless America, my family, and a supportive husband.

Love you guys. Thanks for reading. :)

I'm wearing: Lollypop Skirt: Fancy Treehouse Dress as blouse: Romwe Bag: Tulle XO!!!

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