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Like Wildfire.

Well, looks like I like John Mayer again.
Oh well.
I was wondering who likes John Mayer. I can't really think of who his audience would be since he isn't really doing pop music. Anyway, who cares. Allz I knowz is I really like this album.

Right now I'm excited because the concrete is being poured at our house site! All I can think of is getting my new chandelier up! I might be getting a teensy bit ahead of myself. To be honest, I feel so much less creative and inspired living in an apartment. I know that's bratty but there just isn't enough natural light and most of my stuff is in storage. I'll just really appreciate having a house again! Really, really appreciate it.

I had an amazing birthday weekend! I guess I was having too much fun to take pictures because I have close no none. Oh well, I'll treasure the few I have on my phone. Goldie made my birthday so much sweeter.  We had fun filled warm days together and Gabe and I had nice nights in watching movies and eating burgers and ice cream cake while she was in bed. Then this morning she gave me the gift of all gifts...she slept till 9:15! WHAT!!! She's so precious and has started playing with her toys and dollies on her own. She makes high sounds like she's talking for them and has them give each other kisses. It's so cute I kinda just want to explode.

Anyway again, here's my outfit. Knee socks for all till the end of time. ♥

I'm wearing: 
Dress: Fancy Treehouse

As a girl, is it possible to live without makeup & cute accessories? Just fetch these at their cheapest time :P > Only 72 hours!! -1


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