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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

And we go dancin'.

Hi guys, I'm just enjoying this weather over here...immensely. ♥

Who's freaking out about Breaking Bad? MEEEEEEE. I think about it way too much these days.

Word on the street (my dad) says that the wood was delivered to start framing our house today! PTL. This day started off shaky but it has picked up some steam. A surprise package containing Swedish Hasbeens black boots helped A LOT. Goldie is also taking her second nap which she has been skipping for the last few weeks. It's been rough but I think I'm realizing she was skipping the nap because her teeth were bugging if I don't hate giving her motrin at night enough! Anyway, she has four teeth through now! I'll have to do another Goldie post soon. She's almost 11 months. Sheesh.


I'm wearing: Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens Top: Fancy Treehouse Skirt: Fancy Treehouse Bag: Asos Hat: Free People

Here are my favorite recent Goldiegrams. ♥

Have a great night! I'm going for my late bday dinner with my fam!

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