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Walka Walka Walka

Hey guys, here's a normal Summer walking outfit.
Obviously Goldie is in her stroller near the camera and I am hamming it up for always. ♥
We take at least three walks a day, even in the extreme heat. Each time I say, "Goldie, are you ready for our Walka Walka Walka?" (my hilarious Fozzie Bear joke). When it's real hot, I wet and freeze a washcloth for her to teethe on while we walk to keep her cool. She's nearly 9 months and still no teeth! We were so stupid to think just because she was biting things hard and drooling at 3 months she was teething back then. LOL. Live and learn as first time parents. Things will be SO different next time around (not that it will be anytime WON'T) ;)

Anyhow, I love our little neighborhood. :)


(top: asos shorts: zara shoes: Steven)

XO, Coury

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