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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

I'll be there to meet you.

Hi guys. Summer. Oh, summer. I love the freedom of bare legs and arms. Always have, always will.
My favorite part of every day is our evening walk. The weather has cooled a bit, the sun peeks through the big trees, and the stray clouds create some beautiful pastels.

I love this dress by Family Affairs. It's perfect dressed down for a summer walk, and it will be perfect with a frilly collared blouse and tights later.

Also, I'm back on floral headbands! Giving my hats a rest. Haha, big news...but I always feel like I need something on my head in summer, don't you?

I'm wearing: 
Dress: family affairs via emerging thoughts 
Shirt: uo 
Bag: asos 
Sandals: Seychelles 
Flowers: DIY 

Have a great Monday! Hope you get lots done (hope I gets lots done too!)

 XO, Coury

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