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Father's Day.

What a special day a first Father's Day is! We're so thankful to have this handsome man in our lives. I never thought I could find a man who put his family above himself as much as my dad...but I did. My dad set the bar HIGH. I was writing in his Father's Day card the other day and wrote "You have NEVER EVER let me down." Maybe that sounds like a generic Father's Day sentiment to some but it's absolutely true in my life. Not even a small thing..never.

When you get married young like we did, you don't think about whether your partner will be a good parent. I know you should, but when you're young, you just really don't. Lucky for me, I got a good egg! He is an amazing hands-on dad and everyone can see that.  He loves and takes care of Goldie and I so well (and Birdie too..hehe).

(Don't mind my gauze covered finger. It's just 8 stitches worth of trying to open a pack of Jarlsberg cheese.)


Happy Father's Day to all the dad's who read my blog. (Basically Gabe and my own Dad only I'm sure. :)

(My Dress: Dear Creatures via Emerging Thoughts, Goldies dress: AA)

XO, Coury

Goldie's life at 7.5 months

Oh, life!