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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?


Hi y'allz. I'm just on my way home from a little family vacation...sitting in the back with Goldie while she sleeps like a little bear in her carseat.

These pics are from before we left and actually, these made me cut my hair. I got so mad because you couldn't see the cute collar on this Dear Creatures dress because of my dumb hair. Ha ha. Then I thought, "wait a sec...why do I have this extra hair when collars are my favorite. Duh." Then I chopped it off and never looked back. Big whoop, right? Well, it kinda is a big whoops to me. I think for a long time, long hair had a part in defining me. Being a mother changed the way I see myself and gave me way more confidence in every aspect of my life. Not that I wasn't confident before...but now it's just not about me. I'm confident for Goldie. It's good.

Anyway, can't wait to share pictures from our very first family vacation with the little snippet. ♥


I'm wearing: 

Dress: Dear Creatures via Ever Mi Crush
Shoes: Lulus


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