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Well, Goldie has now experienced her first Disney parks.
Disney and Universal are just special to me..I totally see how they are unappealing to some "cool" people but being cool has never been my problem.
I didn't think Goldie would enjoy vacation as much as she did. Sure, she got cranky at times, but overall she really really enjoyed herself and it was amazing to see. Her favorite ride was definitely "It's a Small World". She thought she was a real big shot with her hands on the rail. Ha ha.  I don't know what I would have done without the ergo carrier. She took most of her naps in it and was able to nurse on the go. The foam stroller fan was vital! I did take advantage of the baby centers in each park as well. It was nice to take a cool break and feed her and rock her to sleep in a rocker. Sweet moments I'll never forget. I know for a fact I won't forget them because my mom still remembers nursing ME in the Disneyland baby center. :)
Our Disney visits will just keep getting funnnnner and funnnnnner as she gets older.
It was also beyond special to spend so much time with my family.  I got to be with my mom on Mother's Day which I will never take for granted and I also got to celebrate my very first Mother's Day (being pregnant really didn't really count). I am so grateful that I get to be Goldie's mama. I have heard people say that before but there is really no better way to explain my feeling on Mother's Day.

Anyway, my lifelong dream of taking my daughter to Disney has been fulfilled. ♥

(I'm wearing Zara shorts, h&m top, UO hat, and Saltwater Sandals. Goldie's wearing Baby Gap. Gabe's wearing J.Crew)

 XOXO Coury

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