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Half a year..

Wow, my baby is over 6 months old. She's now sitting up on her own and is getting close to crawling. She started reaching out for us to get her when she's in someone else's arms. She LOVES her family. She always has a huge smile for my mom, dad, brother, and sister (and Gabe and I, of course) no matter what kind of mood she's in. For the past couple of days she has been so happy giving me tons and tons of laughs. I never knew how funny I was! Ha ha. My sister says that Goldie thinks I'm Jerry Seinfeld Combs.

Goldie loves vintage Barney. Do they even make Barney anymore? Anyway, she loves "Songs from the park" on Hulu. She starts wiggling, jumping, and making excited noises when it comes on. Hilarious. When I wake up in the middle of the night, the Barney songs ring in my head. Ugh. Ha ha. Well, anything to make baby happy! ♥

As far as sleep, we're struggling with that! For the first few months, she slept 12-8 almost every night with no wake-ups. At about 4 months she woke up about 10 times one night. Now she's down to two or three. I'm fine with it as long as she at least sleeps till 6. There were a couple of days last week that she was up before 5. Brutal! This morning she slept till 7 and I feel like a new girl! So thankful for that! Having said all of that, WHO CARES? I have a beautiful, happy, healthy baby! Just thought some of you might be interested since I am beyond interested in the sleeping schedule of others :) Oh, and naps! A couple of months ago I figured out (by happy accident at the mall) that she will nap in the Ergo Carrier. Day saver! I am no longer stuck at home because it's the only place she'll nap.

Goldie loves the song "All I have to do is Dream" by The Everly Brothers...she always smiles when we start singing that song. Who knows why??

She loves Birdie too. She sometimes laughs just because Birdie walks by. I can't wait to hear her say "Hi Birdie". Ha ha.

She's in 6-12 month clothes but I am buying her 12-18 months now. It's crazy that she was only 6 pounds at birth and now she's so big for her age. I am pretty darn proud of that fact! Up until yesterday she has eaten nothing but "mothers milk". She had her first bites of avocado yesterday but she wasn't too interested. It kinda made me happy because I don't want her to grow up and eat grown-up food! Ha.

She is definitely looking like her Noanie (my mom) and baby me these days. I'm sure she'll keep changing but for now she is an exact mix of my mom and I. We laugh so much when we see baby pics of myself or my mom. Genes are crazy things. She has my moms EXACT head shape, face shape, and ears.

Anyway, every day I look at her and can't believe how perfect and wonderful she is. Thankful beyond words.

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