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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?


I know, I're wondering where on earth I come up with these groundbreaking ideas. Ha ha. I know it's nothing new but...oh's my blog and it's my reality..I wore both of these outfits this week. And I loved it. :)

Other than that, we sold our house the first day it was on the market. Can't really beat that! Looks like we'll be having a house built and moving into an apartment in the meantime. Pretty fun! I'll get to pick out everything I like! And Goldie will have a nicer neighborhood to play in. All good all around. God is good to us, as always

I'm wearing: 
Dress: Chicnova 
Spotted flats: Loly in the Sky 
Kisslock Bag: Tulle

XO! Coury  

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