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Hey y'all.
I flipped my lid when I saw the first beautiful blossoms. Spring is in the air! 
Isn't this peach satchel the absolute most??
I borrowed it from my sister, sister. If I doubted whether I wanted to try and give Goldie a sister, borrowing cute bags from my own sister makes me wish the same for her. It's the little things (and the big things).
I think it's probably normal for me at this point to not be able to comprehend loving another child as much as I love Goldie. I told my mom I should just quit while I'm ahead because Goldie is so perfect and she said, "I'm glad I didn't quit while I was ahead or you wouldn't be here". Touche!
Anyway, I love Spring in Nashville...and summer...and fall. I hate winter in Nashville. Good news: It's over in a week! Wahhhhhooooo!

Dress: Urban 1972
Shoes: Bait Footwear

Love to you! It's pretty much the weekend! YAAAA!

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