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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Like talking in the wind.

Hey guys! Deep in the middle of winter here. Only one more month.
It's SO hard to get pictures of my outfits these days. The fact that it's so cold doesn't help. Anyway, I'm working on how to make this easier with a baby because obviously I still love putting outfits together. I know it will get easier as she gets older and then she can be in the pictures with me! AND it's gonna get warm and we can actually hang out outside in the sun all day! Yaaaaahoo!

Is anyone else obsessed with the 'Nashville' soundtrack? No? Ok, just checking.  I love country music. Don't care. Always have, always will. And no, not just "cool" country music (although I do love that as well).

Anyway, have a great Friday! And Weekend! Yay!

Blouse: Fancy Treehouse
Sweater: Fancy Treehouse
Skirt: H&M (for sale here)
Tights: H&M
Booties: Rachel Comey

And here's my babay looking sweet as always. Those smiles..........something new every single day.


Thanks for reading.
XO! Coury

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