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Good life.

Bumpy update. I guess older women don't like that we now call it our "baby bump". I ran into a debate about it on pinterest. Personally, I think it's pretty cute to call it a bump. And mine, my friends, is quite large these days. Baby girl could be up to 5 pounds by now! Now it really does look look a basketball. I'm loving every second of it. Hope it looks like a watermelon soon!!

Dress: Target
Cardi: Urban 1972
Bag: Sway chic
Shoes: Bait Footwear

Happy almost Friday, guys! My mom and sis are throwing me a lil baby shower on Saturday! Yippee! So excited to see some great gals and celebrate a new life. ♥

 XO, Coury

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Drip drip drop, little baby shower.

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