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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Yikes, stripes!

Hello there. Another Monday is upon us. Monday has become my rest day after the weekend (even though I did tons of resting during the weekend). Gabe did lots of house type work (and impressed me thoroughly with his home improvement skills)! I did lots of cooking and Brach's Pumpkin eating and resting my baby growing body. It was a beautiful weekend and today it is a perfect rainy fall day. Fitting for my day of rest.

I was just thinking how weird it will be when I don't feel Goldie rolling around in my belly like a tiny little whale. I'll miss it! Obviously I'd rather have her with me but I'm just so used to it now that it feels like a part of me.

Anyway, can you believe how big my baby is getting?? So exciting. :) Not long! Not long!

Blouse: Fancy Treehouse
Pants: Topshop
Boots: Rachel Comey

Ok, have a good one. I'm ready for another week to fly by. ♥

XO, Coury

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