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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Our State Fair is the best State Fair in our state.

"Don't miss it, don't even be late!"

Anyway, the Tennessee State Fair is nothing to write home about but I must confess that we had a deep fried oreo of a good time!

I planned on downing lots of awful fair food but I took one (TINY) bite of a Fried Goo Goo Cluster (the official candy of the Tennessee State Fair..(?) and I thought I would never eat again. It was pretty hideous, but fun of course.

Oh, I just love all the colors of the fair. It's just every color you could imagine and against the backdrop of the perfect blue early fall sky, it's magic.

Gabe was so cute with all the animals. Animals have never really been my thing but he was in hog heaven. It was the first day we've had in the low 70s in a very long time and that was beyond nice. Plus, my mom and dad met us there and we all just lived it up.

Goldie had fun too, FYI. ♥

Blouse: Romwe
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Dress: Asos

Have a wonderous Wednesday!

XO, Coury

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