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Goldie's Quarters So Far

Well, I'm having way too much fun creating the girliest room I can for my girl. I know what's 'in' for baby rooms right now is simplicity but I just can't! I just can't! :) I want her to share my love of all things color and if I can give her head start, so be it! Plus, I don't really care what's 'in' when it comes down to it.

Anyway, only 8ish weeks left! Can't even believe. I dreamed of being pregnant my whole life and it's coming to an end. Just a reminder to enjoy every second, both the good and the uncomfortable. You know what I think the strangest thing about this pregnancy has been? I have not been emotional AT ALL. I have cried under 5 times in the last 7.5 months...and 3 of them were happy tears looking at an ultrasound or just thinking about how blessed I am to become a mom. Did anyone else experience this? I know that typically pregnant women are supposed to be controlled by emotions and hormones but it just never happened. I'm certainly not complaining! I'm a Virgo and like to stay in control! :)

2 things I'll miss about being pregnant: Fabulous nails and hair that I only have to wash twice a week (I hate clean hair).

Anyway, can't wait till Goldie makes her grand arrival to her room. We already have her sonogram picture in there. Haha. She won't be sleeping in her own room for at least 6 months but I certainly like to be ahead of the game.

I posted some links to where I found some things if you're interested (if I missed something just let me know).

Rug, Glider, Ottoman, Doll, "Wardrobe", Crib,
Mobile, Hangers, Chandelier,California print

XO, Coury

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