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Hello guys! Hope you had a nice weekend!
I sure did.
We had a baby Dr appointment on Friday and it was very good, thank God. Goldie is coming SO soon. Of course "soon" is all relative. We have a ways to go but it's kind of flying by (and crawling by slowly at the same time somehow). I continue to cherish each little somersault, kick, and headbutt I get from her every hour. I'm definitely feeling a bit of the third trimester fatigue coming on but it's nowhere near as much as the first trimester fatigue yet. It's pretty hard to bend over all of a sudden. I don't even feel that big, but bending over is already a challenge!

I LOVE having a bump and all, but some days I just don't want anyone looking at me so on these days a dress like this pretty much hides it all together. I'm hoping that soon I won't be able to hide it at all and then I won't have a choice. Hello, staring strangers! Until then, some days only I know she is there growing and moving and being beautiful. ;)

We're going for a fun 4d ultrasound on my birthday and we will really be able to see what she looks like. Isn't that amazing?? Absolutely can't wait to see her face.

What else? Getting excited for fall! ♥


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XO, Coury

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