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How nice a dame you can be.

Here we are in Elvis/Sinatra town. That's how I like to think of Las Vegas. We drove down to old downtown Las Vegas and it was pretty gross although I loved the signs and such. It's just fun imagining what it was like in the 60s. Also fun seeing the Elvis wedding chapel.

On our flight home we switched planes in Memphis (for some reason) and we were surrounded by crazy (mostly very rude) Elvis fans headed to Graceland. There was one asian Elvis impersonator that I took a liking to. He was in his street clothes but the hair and lip curl don't go away just because you're wearing street clothes. I knew what you were doing buddy! And I liked it.

Thankfully the new casinos in the hotels are not smokey at all. Must have some amazing ventilation. I planned on wearing a mask through them no matter how stupid I looked but it wasn't necessary. Maybe you think I should be committed for wearing a sweater in 100 degree weather? Well, hold on a's freezing inside! By the time I would thaw off outside it would be time to go back inside. :)

ps. My husband is the cutest.

Dress : Romwe
Bag: Sway Chic
Shoes: Dieppa Restrepo
Sweater: Topshop
Rings: Jewelmint

XO, Coury

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