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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

My fickle friend...

Hey guys! Told ya my bump disappears in clothes. :)

Anyway, I am battling a killer cold/allergy type deal right now. I know there are approved medications but I can't bring myself to take any. I try to take the least amount of medication as possible when not pregnant, so you can imagine how I would feel now. Just chugging through it, hoping it goes away at some point!

We have been getting some major (and necessary) rain here. I'm alright with it because it's warm rain but of course I would rather have sun all day. Can ya blame me?

I've definitely been planning baby girl's room decor and if you can believe it, I think the paint color we'll go with is PEACH. Shocker, I know. I don't have any peach rooms, though, and I never have. I was thinking of going with grey but might as well take advantage of having a girl and really do it up girlie style! Very exciting.

I love high waisted anything...hanging on to wearing it as much as I can before it looks silly on my baby belly. ♥

Skirt: Fancy Treehouse
Shoes & Hat: Asos
Bag: Topshop

Ok, so have yourselves a fabulous weekend! I hope you get to go swimming and I hope I finally get a peach milkshake....they still haven't arrived and I'm growing weary. Haha.

Keep it positive! :)

XO, Coury

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