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Happy Birthday Birdie + phone life.

Yesterday was our sweetie Bostie Girl's second birthday. She has brought us so much joy over the last two years. More specifically, I have spent many days and nights at home alone with her while Gabe has been working (at 4 different jobs now in those 2!) Anyway, I can't really describe how much she means to me. She has been my best friend and she has been there for me during every good day and every bad day. As you can imagine, I feel sad that she is no longer my number one priority but I have to feel happy that we are providing her with another little girl to love and be loved by. I am positive that our baby girl will love Birdie as much as we do. We gave her her own mini cupcake for her birthday. I think this alone made it the best day of her life (getting smothered by us always makes a good day as well..hehe). ♥

And here are a whole bunch of phone photos. Some made it to instagram, most didn't. :)

Hope you had a lovely weekend! Gabe worked the entire weekend so hopefully we will make up for it soon. I'm really hoping to get away for a "babymoon" (sorry, hate that term!) but it's hard to find the time to get away and there is also an unfathomable amount of things to buy for baby instead of going on a trip. Here's hoping we can make something happen!

Speaking of baby (when am I not?), all is well and I couldn't love being pregnant an ounce more at this stage. I. love. it! I'm not saying it's perfect and of course there are uncomfortable things we must endure, but it should never be forgotten that it's an absolute miracle to have a mini person growing inside you and I will continue to thank God every day for blessing me with this honor. The end. Thank you, Jesus.

XO, Coury

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