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Galaxy glue.

Has anyone ever seen "The Incredible Shrinking Woman"?
I watched it when I was a little and I have always had this song in my head every time I hear the word gravity OR galaxy (for some reason).."Gravity glue, gravity would fall to pieces without gravity glue". Anyway, that movie makes me so angry to watch now but I'll always have that song. (Update: I guess it IS galaxy glue. I am crazy. :)
The point, of course, is my galaxy print blouse. When I have it on I sing that song non-stop.
I was inspired by pregnant women in the 1960s with this outfit. The swingier the top the better! I don't like the fact that they tried to hide their pregnant bellies...and I'm not trying to hide's just not my style to wear tight clothes that often and I am not going to change my there you go.

When I first got these jeans a few months ago they were baggy in the belly. Not anymore! Woohoo! My girl is in there and she is about 11" long and a pound and a half (from my pregnancy sources...just approximate numbers).

My glider is coming tomorrow! I can't wait to be able to sit in her room and stare at the peach walls.

I've noticed it's hard to concentrate on anything but her and getting everything ready for her. I just read a thread on a message board that mostly everyone is the same way at this point. They are sitting at work wishing they could go buy baby gear or artwork. I wonder if anyone else thinks they are the person on earth who is MOST happy to become a mom...because I think I am that person. I'm sure lots of people do and I hope so because it's such a wonderful feeling.

Anyway, only a week until our Babymoon! ♥ Can't absolutely wait. Until then, I'll try to focus on work and healthy eating. Ok, here goes!

Blouse: Romwe (check out their sale!)
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Nine West
Sunnies & Bag: Asos

Well, have a happy Monday everyone! Oh, and today is the last day for the 50% off sale with the code AUGUST. I cleaned up what's sold out so it's easier to see what's available.

XO, Coury

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