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That lazy lazy river in the noonday sun.

Hey guys! ♥

I love this dress for the warm early summer weekend we just had.

How was your weekend? Mine was magical! We celebrated my mom's birthday and found out more about our baby. Peek below my outfit to see what we found. :)

Dress & Ring: Romwe
Shoes: Steven (for sale HERE)
Headband: AA
Bag: Asos

Ok, so we are having a baby GIRL. I won't even attempt to share my feeling on the subject. I've found that trying to express my feelings about our baby is futile. Words just don't mean enough and when I read them back they don't say even 10% of how I feel. There is no way to express it so at this point I'm not even going to try. The way I feel about it is truly indescribable. The best part about knowing (a couple of weeks early) is being able to say "she" instead of "it".

Here she is, kicking around everywhere! And here are some snaps of the weekend. We went on a few Civil war house tours as well and it was amazingly fun. One of my very favorite things!

Happy Monday!

XO, Coury

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