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Just Like Livin' in Paradise.

Hi there and happy Wednesday! You'll need to excuse me because I have "Rock of Ages" on the brain. My baby does too. I felt some fluttery pops while Tom Cruise was on the screen. Haha, you can't be in our family if you don't like Tom Cruise so there's no surprise there! :)

Anyway, here's another amazing Dear Creatures dress with a freaking cat print. Love it. I think I might be done wearing dresses with defined waists, though. It's not that they are too tight...just uncomfortable for some reason. So this might be my last one for the year. We'll see. I have to start getting creative since my favorite thing to wear normally is dresses with defined waists. Haha. Well, it will be really fun to go out of my comfort zone!

I really want some salted caramels from Little Flower but it's $13 to ship them. I think I might breakdown and pay it if I keep "craving" them. If you live in/near LA go get some..they are delicious.

Dress: Dear Creatures (available fall)
Shoes: Francesca's
Bag: Asos

XO, Coury

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