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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

You are my sugar rush.

Hi guys! Hope my fellow Americans had a nice, long, relaxing Memorial Day weekend.

Ok, don't laugh at me for wearing maternity jeans already. I wanted a pair of colored denim and I didn't want to buy regular ones because I won't be able to fit into them for long. These are kinda like normal jeans anyway. They just have a soft waist, which makes them extra comfortable and you could definitely wear them if you aren't even pregnant. That's my $.02. :) Now I'm obsessed with buying more maternity clothes but most fall into one of two categories. 1: They are hideous. 2: They are just normal oversized pieces...why are they called maternity?

I'm also a bit obsessed with wearing my hair up recently as well. Fascinating, I know. It's just so nice in the hot weather!

Also, this is my dream print and a bow? Just. Stop. This is from the fall line but it will work in any season. My favorite kind of piece!

Blouse & sweater: Dear Creatures (available this fall at emerging thoughts)
Shoes: Rachel Comey
Pants: Topshop
Bag: Topshop

What did ya do this weekend? Here are some recent phone pics of what I've been doing. I promise I don't eat half as many sweets as it seems. I'm not sending my baby into a sugar coma, honest! I just like photos of treats. :)

XO, Coury

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