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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Once that funny feeling touches you.

How are you guys feeling? I am feeling reaaaaal good. The heat makes me happy happy happy. Friday Night Lights makes me happy too. I really do think I could watch it every year. Why is it so good??

Anyway, it's already Thursday?? My my my. Hoping to have an ice cream filled weekend.

Anyway again, I have been listening to Disney's Hercules soundtrack all day. It was so fun when a new Disney animated musical came to theaters each year. They always partnered with McDonald's and sometimes had special chicken nugget sauces. Haha. I remember being so upset when I saw the actual people who sang for the characters on some parade special or something on The Disney Channel. I was always disappointed that they didn't look like real princesses/heroes. And I was a teenager... What a brat. That was before we had the internet, though, so maybe I'm excused!

Well, pointless ramblings aside, here's another amazing dress from Dear Creatures. I feel like I could wear this every single day. ♥

Thanks to my wonderful sister for the pics.

Dress: Dear Creatures via Emerging Thoughts
Booties: Dolce Vita
Bag: Asos

Have a great day. As my childhood crush George Strait once said, don't forget to "baby your baby"
XO, Coury

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