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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Oh, for the Love of Lattice.

Hello! First of all, I want to thank you so much, SO SINCERELY, and SO LOVINGLY for your SWEET congratulations. Seriously, you make me feel so loved. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate every single word. And so many of you said it was your first comment..I don't know why that makes me so emotional. Actually, I do know why. It's because I think my baby is bringing us together. Oh, hormones! ♥

I am feeling so much better. I have been wanting baked potatoes every single day. With lots of butter. There were a few weeks in there when it was nearly impossible to eat anything. I was reeeeeal sick. I can't even tell you how hard it was to work and blog. But it just isn't in my nature to not do my work. I simply have to, even if I had to take breaks every 5 minutes and almost pass out during a few blog photo shoots. Yep. I think it's pretty much behind me though, praise thee Lord! My sweet mom came over and cleaned my house a few times, my dad took care of lots of dad type yard things with Gabe, and my sister washed our windows and also cleaned. I appreciate them so much.

Anyway, what else? Birdie has been loving the lazy first trimester me. She takes full advantage and sleeps on me most of the day. I love her so much. I'm so happy she's going to have a third person to love. :)

This will wrap up my Dear Creatures posts (for now at least). It's been real fun and I'm happy to end with such a special dress. I just love this lattice detail.

Dress: Emerging Thoughts
Shoes: Rachel Comey

Also, here are some snaps of our date night dessert at Bobby's Dairy Dip. I love this place because it makes me think I'm in Dillon, Texas in the world of Friday Night Lights.

Have a happy weekend everyone! This is my first weekend in months that I might actually have some fun! Feeling good and ready to do some fun summery activities. Wanting to check out some old houses and maybe a winery (even though I never drank wine even when I could). My idea of fun. :)

XO, Coury

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