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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Now I know who I am.

Hey guys! How ya doing?

I am enjoying this warm early summer day. Can't believe it's already June! WOW. Just WOW. My sis and I just went out to find some comfy clothes for me for the next four months. Blousey blouses with lots of room for growth are in order (even though at this point all of my old clothes still fit). Luckily, blousey blouses are all over the place right now. We also got a pretzel and popcorn. So?

Anyway, I love this dress, it's color scheme, and it's bow.

I'm listening to the Twilight Eclipse soundtrack. I think it's my favorite one of the four (the soundtrack, that is). "Heavy In My Arms" gets me every time...

Well, gotta get to work for the day. I can't wait for the weekend just because Gabe is gone ALL DAY lately and I just miss him too much. Birdie does too.

Dress: Dear Creatures (available fall)
Shoes: Rachel Comey
Bag: Topshop

XO, Coury

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