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Early Summer.

Hi guys! A very happy Friday to you!

I must say, I am feeling fabulous and ready for a fun weekend. I've been working hard this week and there's nothing better (to me) than feeling exhausted from a good work week.

Summer has come to us very early this year! I am definitely not used to this kind of heat. We took these pics on our way to coffee this morning at about 10am and it was already unbearably hot. I have a VERY high tolerance for heat but I must admit that the heat is harder to handle when you're pregnant. It goes along with the whole being exhausted after walking a few steps and the heat just adds to it. I am NOT complaining. I still LOOOOOOOOOOVE the heat. I'm just adjusting to a new way it affects my body right now.

I probably won't be wearing boots on 90 degree days anymore. I guess I need some sandals.

My mom flew to California to help my brother move out here! Now we will all be together again! So exciting.

This shirt is great because I could wear it if I was 25 months pregnant. ♥

Other than that, I love granny smith apples.

Blouse: Romwe
Shorts: Fancy Treehouse
Boots: Dolce Vita
Bag: Asos
Hat: Asos

XO, Coury

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