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Palm Trees.

Hi guys. Easter is such an exciting time for me. I have so many fond memories of the weather turning warm and getting a whole week off school for "Easter Break" which now would never be called "Easter Break". We always went on a family trip, usually to Universal Studios and Disneyland because my parents were selfless and that's where us kids wanted to go. My parents didn't disappoint me ever and I am well aware of how lucky I am. They are just truly selfless. It's actually crazy how much they put us above themselves.

Anyway, my Easter memories are amazing. Of course I had a ball picking out an Easter Outfit every year. I still do this, actually. My mom would put together the most special, fun Easter baskets for us. My favorite one was a pink and purple tennis racket with the goodies on the head wrapped in pastel cellophane. Mom, you are the greatest.

Well, Easter is next Sunday and we might make my mom happy by all going to the same church. :) I didn't even realize that I am wearing Palm Trees on my blouse on Palm Sunday. How bout that...

It's a beautiful very warm April 1st and I couldn't be happier to spend time with the people (and dogs) I love most. ♥

Blouse, Skirt, Nugget Ring: Romwe
Shoes & Backpack: Asos

Oh yeah, I wanted to encourage you to encourage someone today. Someone commented on my last blog and said that she missed me posting outfits 3-4 times a week. I didn't even realize I wasn't posting as much but just hearing someone say that they cared really inspired me. Not only did she inspire me to post more, she inspired me to tell someone else that I appreciate what they do! So, if you enjoy something someone is doing, let them know! I'm sure it will come back to you and then we'll have a great big circle of love and admiration and everyone will be more confident and less competitive.

Growing up is freeing.

XO, Coury

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