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There's a road, long and winding.

Hey sweet peoples. Well, I guess one of the things that warm Spring weather calls for in 2012 is a hi-lo dress. Yep. This one is especially floaty. We were off on a nature walk so I decided to play it safe with loafers. Good move, me.

Have I already gushed about the warm March we're having. Of course I have. Right now I need to gush about the feeling of getting fresh contact lenses. I have been putting off going to the eye doctor for MONTHS and I finally went and I can SEE! The best. I guess if you're reading this, you can see too. Isn't that wonderful?? Seriously.

On a challenging note, it is proving difficult to plan our trip to New Orleans unless we take Birdie...anyone ever taken their dog on a trip like that? What do you think?

Anyway, we love Spring. And PINK. PINK. PINK.

Dress: Love
Flats: Asos
Bag: Call it Spring
Blazer: Shop Akira
Pin: A.P.C

Ok, admittedly not the best picture of Birdie. She does look a little bloated in the neck. Hahahaha. She's not in real life. She's my little ballerina.

Thanks for all your anniversary wishes. We had a happy day. ♥

Enjoy all this warm weather we're all getting this week. I'm going to be outside every minute I can for the next week. We're getting some 80degree days. Won't someone pinch me, please! (Any Annie fans out there??)

XO Coury

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