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Hi guys! How's it going? Have you seen Hunger Games yet? It's crazy, but we haven't seen it and are going tomorrow. Imax is so incredible and there will be popcorn. My brother and sister read those books loooooooong before most people and insisted I follow suit. I think my brother has read every fantasy book out there, passed them on to my sister, and she has tried to pass them along to me. It's been hard for me to read at all after starting Fancy Treehouse almost 4 years ago. It's just hard to read when there are so many things that can be done. That is the only thing I miss about going to a job every day and coming home at the same time. But there are so many better things about it, obviously. I am very very blessed.

Anyway, I am a fan of the galaxy print. I am also a fan of greenery and the shiny sunny sun sun. I am also also a fan of Nashville and everyone in my life.

Skirt: Motel Rocks
Heart Bracelet & Turquoise & Yellow Ring: Jewelmint (Get 50% off your first purchase with the code FANCY)
Dress as top: Fancy Treehouse (sold)
Jean Jacket: Fancy Treehouse (coming soon)
Backpack & Shoes: Asos

Have a great day and laugh as much as you can! ♥

XO, Coury

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