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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

I'm gonna teach you to fly.

Hey guys! Another beautiful day!

The soundtrack to this post is two quality soundtracks. "Pan Am" and "An Education" (in other words, I've been listening to them pun intended re: Pan Am...sorry...that was really stupid). Happiness aplenty! Boy, do I love the 60s..I have a rhapsody account so I get to listen to anything I want, anytime I want. I love it and the artists get paid for plays (meager pay, but it can add up). I think I could have paid Bobby Darin's salary this year. :)

Well, of course I had to wait for a nice warm day to wear a dress with a peekaboo waist. It was wonderful and I wanted to stay up on this strange concrete roof thing all evening. It just makes me more and more excited for Spring and Summer. Sorry, I don't think I'll ever shut up about just makes me far too happy to keep quiet. AH&WE*@^*(@E!

Dress: Urban 1972
Bag: Fancy Treehouse
Loafers: Asos
Hat: Vintage
Tie: AA

K. Hope you had a great weekend. I'll be checking out your blogs in the morning. It's my new Monday tradition. I LOVE Mondays. I LOVE getting back to work. I LOVE work. I LOVE my family. I LOVE the sun. I LOVE treats. I LOVE my house. I LOVE life. ♥

XO, Coury

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