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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Got my window open wide.

Hey guys. If you know me, you know I like to blog right on schedule and I am currently off schedule!
Sometimes it's hard to find motivation to write and I don't like posts with no writing. You guys know what I'm talking about don't you? You do because sometimes I go to your blogs and you haven't been updating regularly. Tisk, tisk! ;) Well, here we go! Motivation, be damned! I mean....lack of damned! (sorry, I guess I need to go to Disneyland)

I watched Splash last night for the first time. I'd never even realized I hadn't seen it. I haven't stopped thinking about it and it's endless plot holes. I could go on and on about the plot holes. They are making me mad. BUT, it definitely made me want really long crimped hair again.

I love this dress because it's got the dip back thing working for it and it's most likely from the 80s. Looks like someone in the 80s had a crystal ball and saw me finding this dress in 2012 when the dip back hem is in full swing. Anyway, totally perfect for 80 degree weather. I have been so spoiled lately. It feels like summer already and it is making me so happy. We have finally been able to take walks again. We're on a mission to find the new Father of the Bride neighborhood since it was my very favorite place to take walks in Pasadena. We'll find it, there just aren't as many sidewalks here for some reason.

I'm very excited about the Spring and Summer. Oops, think I already covered that in the last 25 posts. ♥ It's just that it's 8:00 AM and Gabe is still sleeping. Birdie is here on the couch with me and we are listening to so many birds chirp through the open window and the sun is shining through the stair's railway. It's a beautiful picture. We are so blessed to live in this house. So blessed that it's so beautiful here and all the trees are blooming and everything in turning a bright, beautiful shade of green. AH!

Anyway, here's my outfit. ♥

Dress: Fancy Treehouse
Boots: Swedish Hasbeens
Backpack: Romwe

Have a great week everybody. I am going to work like a busy worker bee and get lots of things done.
Off to check out your blogs now. Bye!

XO Coury

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