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Full Bloom.

Hi guys. I'm back. I hate not blogging regularly. But, I'm back. Not sure what happened on the last post and why it didn't allow comments but hopefully you'll be able to comment on this one.

You know all those "bloom" terms...I know they refer to more than just spring blossoms but I'm starting to think of them in my head every time I see a beautiful tree in bloom. You know...full bloom....late bloomer...etc....what a beautiful walk!

I was sick in bed this weekend so that was no fun but my sister brought me a smoothie and we had breakfast and watched "On The Town" and then when she left I watched it two more times...oh my gosh...I'm really bad at resting. I don't like it. My mom and dad came over as well and helped Gabe in the yard. It made my heart happy to see everyone in my yard even if I was only watching from upstairs. So much good in life. SO MUCH.

Dress: Romwe
Shoes: Le Bunny Bleu
Bag: Fancy Treehouse

XO, Coury

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