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A whole bunch of things packed into one post.

Hellllllo! Today we have an outfit, a snow day, and some photos of our LA loft from last year. Whew! (Just kidding, it's not even that much stuff..)

Sometimes I love to wear trousers and pretend I'm a lady from the '40s...although no one would have pink hair or wear a baggy sweater in the '40s. Ok, fine, sue me '40s ladies. I'm nothing like you.

Sweater: Fancy Treehouse
Trousers: Fancy Treehouse
Shoes: Rachel Comey
Bag: Call It Spring
Bracelet & xo rings: Jewelmint

Also, it snowed the other day! I think this is a freaky winter because it's only snowed about 2 times and it didn't even stick. Luckily, Birdie had her lavender hooded puffer coat! Haha.

Lastly, I realized that I never posted about my feature on Stylelikeu.

They came out to our loft last year for a chat and I'm so glad I have all these pics from living downtown. Birdie was really tired and came to lay on me everytime I sat down. Melt my ♥ why don't you, Birdie?

Anyway, here are some photos.

Good memories! And good clothing memories. So glad to have pictures of a piece I loved when it's long been sold.

Alright, that's all for now.

XO, Coury

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