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Nothing But Blue Skies From Now On.

I always feel more grown-up in a blazer, you know? This isn't really an appropriate Valentine's Day outfit but I have been a bit distracted so I stuck with what came naturally to me. That can't be a bad thing, right? I'll definitely be making some yummy Valentine's Day treats today and loving on those I love. I wish you lots of the same.


Dress: Fancy Treehouse
Booties: Tenoversix
Bag: Modcloth

Also, there are lots of cute pieces left in the SALE and there's still one more day to get AN ADDITIONAL 50% off with the code 50extra.

I haven't had the best last few days so I appreciate you guys and your positive, sweet comments more than ever. I'll be back soon to yap your ears off. Until then, I need to go love on my mini family of Gabey and Birds and my grew up with family. I'm so beyond loved to have them. ♥

Happy Valentine's Day. It's almost Spring. :)

XO, Coury

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