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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

If it should rain, we'll let it.

Well hello! It's dreary today but my heart isn't.

There's something I really like about this pink hair. It's nice for someone like me who doesn't like to change their hair because it's so very temporary. If you already have almost white hair like I do, it's so easy to get pastels. I might stick with pink for a while. I guess you'll find out in the next post. I'm sure the wait will drive you insane. What will she do?? Will she put in more pink or let it fade out?? Life is so exciting sometimes! Just joking, obviously...but I have to divulge that or someone will think I really think anyone cares what color my hair is.

Anyway, we are half way through February and only about a month until it's officially Spring. These grey days won't get us down! ♥ I'm so excited for Nashville Spring and Summer. There is so much to see, so many fun things to do! EEK!

Dress: fancy treehouse
Cardigan: fancy treehouse
Shoes: Rachel Comey
Fleece tights: AA
Bag: Call It Spring

Oh, I almost forgot! Thanks so much for all your sweet entries. I LOVED hearing about your favorite piece of jewelry. I mean, you really touched my heart. The random winner of the necklace giveaway is the cinnamon bears! Email me with your mailing address!

XO, Coury

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