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A year in outfits.

I know I'm a couple of days late on this whole reflecting on the year deal and you know how I feel about tardiness (don't like it). Nevertheless, here it is.
I think everyone should take pictures of their or no blog...just for yourself to look back on...or wouldn't it be fun to see your Grandma's outfits lined up like this when she was your age? Hopefully some day I'll have grandchildren and I can show them my outfits. :) Haha.

It was a crazy year with big changes in our life. I wrote on my year end blog last year that I couldn't wait to see where I would be at the start of 2012. If someone would have told me where life was going to take us, I would have had them locked up on charges of treason. ;) But seriously, now I REALLY can't wait to see what's going on at the end of this year. Planning on making the most of the most days I am given.

Thanks for your support this year. You mean the world to me and give me more incentive to follow my dreams. Promise. ♥

XO, Coury


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