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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

You make me new.

Well, my goodness, another gorgeous fall day. Every time this happens I say, "This is going to be the last warm day, I have to enjoy it!" and then another warm day comes a week later. I'm not taking it for granted but when you think about it, winter here isn't too shabby. We were talking to a friend last night who lives half of the year in London and how utterly cold it is there. I don't think I'll be too terribly sun deprived here. But you know, everything as trivial as that is fixable. Everything can be made better, brighter, and happier!

For now, I'm enjoying the beyond words beautiful ubiquitous fall trees.


Dress: c/o Willow & Clay
Blazer: c/o Romwe
Bag: c/o Francesca's Collections
Booties: Asos

Have a great days guys. Treat yourself to something nice. It's looking rainy for us which means it's baking time! Yes! :)

XO Coury


We found the avenue of trees, went up to the hill.

New In Store.