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Portland, Maine

So, the only place I'd ever been in the Northeast is NYC and I've always wanted to visit every Northeast state. Some of our (my brother, sister, and I's) favourite childhood films are set in New England. The most important one is "Casper". This movie is so special to us. Silly, I know, but it is. We were so close to where the town scenes were filmed so that was fun. "Friendship, Maine" was the fictional setting. Anyway, in Portland, Maine we admired the water, explored the touristy downtown area, and took a tour of a the gorgeous Victoria Mansion. We had a great time but I don't think I saw the best of Portland, Maine. Anyone been/live(d) there?

I need to go to Rhode Island next and see the Dan in Real Life House.

The weather really through us for a loop because it was HOT in Maine. I guess we were expecting snow storms in September because I brought at least 7 heavy jackets and had nothing to wear in the heat. Don't worry though, I did survive.

As the boat cruised away at sunset I saw the most stunning view I've ever ever EVER seen. It was a truly magical hour or so as my whole family (in our balconies all in a row) sipped some drinks and cruised by the adorable neighborhoods on the water in perfect low 70s fall weather. At that moment in time, life was so indescribably beautiful. I've never appreciated sunsets. You'd think my sister and I were high as kites because we seriously had a conversation that went, "Bye sun, you're going to light up the other side of the world now!" "The sun so powerful it lights up the whole earth." "I can't believe the earth is round!" "It just looks flat."


Sweater: c/o Romwe
Riding Pants: Vintage
Tank: c/o Club Couture

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