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Boston: Take 2.

This is probably the most touristy day I've ever had in my life. In LA, I saw those open air double decker busses driving around town a lot and always thought to myself, "Self, why on earth would anyone pay for such an embarrassing tour?" Now (being wiser and more mature..haha) I would answer myself by saying, "Well self, A. It's fun. B. You get to learn things you didn't know before. C. Cynicism is an ugly trait."

We walked up and down and here and there and everywhere. Then we took the famous Duck Tour. It was just so much fun and I learned so much American History! Double whammy!

It was chilly and drizzly and I was so comfortable in my dress, boots, and hooded jacket. I definitely won the comfy awards this day! :)

We stayed by Newbury Street and the shopping was amazing and the buildings are breathtaking. If you live in Boston it's probably old hat for you but it was such a nice surprise for us. We had no idea it was so beautiful. And the brownstones! OH, THE BROWNSTONES. I really can't wait to visit Boston again. There's so much to see...we spent three full days and didn't even comb the surface. I'll be back Boston!

Dress: Fancy Treehouse
Jacket: Anthro

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