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Bar Harbor, MAINE

Another warm, gorgeous day in Maine. Another unreal sunset. Another set of forever memories.

We all LOVED Bar Harbor...or "Bah Hahbah". It is such a darling little town. Gabe, my brother, and I took a walk through some neighborhoods to get a better feel of what it would be like to live there and it was quite charming. A few years ago (5 actually...WOW) we went to Poland with Castledoor and took some walks in the country and it's really a special thing to do to try to imagine how others live. I'm sure the homeowners who see us pass think it more annoying than special but it's worth it to me to see everything when I may never have the chance again. Let's be honest, am I ever going to Poland or Bar Harbor again? Probably not. While I loved them, there are so many more places to see!

Lobster and Blueberries! What a combination! I don't care too much for lobster but I am a total Blueberry GOON. Gabe wouldn't let me try the "famous" blueberry coffee. He's a purist.

Anyway, I was so surprised at how many of you have lived in/live/visited Portland, Maine! We are now bonded forever! :) So, same thing with Bar Harbor...anyone visited/lived/live there?

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