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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Colors are Brighter.

I'm not sure when I started loving colors so much but my love of color has grown into this extra part of me. I can't really explain it other than the fact that seeing colors together makes me exceptionally happy. I guess I should work for Pantone! :)

I bought this CD a few years ago when people still bought CDs. I was really excited about it because Belle and Sebastian is so special to me so I couldn't wait to share with my future children. But, the years pass and my future children aren't here yet and I have absolutely no use for a CD anymore. I will still share it with them someday but I guess I'll find the mp3s because God only knows where that CD is now. I'm sure it's somewhere with a cracked case and is scratched beyond belief.

Gabe asked me if I cut this skirt and of course I said- "I wish". I have been really inspired to create my own designs from scratch. I think I'll buy some fabric and teach myself something. Anyone know any good fabric stores in Nashville?

Blouse: Fancy Treehouse (coming soon)
Skirt: c/o Vj Style
Sandals: Rachel Comey
Bag: Anthro

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Two of us Sunday driving.