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This was a hot humid day we spent in Nashville during our road trip. Gabe used to live in Nashville when he was in his music group and I went out there to be with him for the summer of 2004 but we ended up coming back to California (where we were both raised). We have a lot of fond memories in Nashville and it's a really wonderful city. It is, however, VERY humid in the summer. I mean, it's seriously crazy! Fortunately, I LOVE the heat.

There is now good coffee in Nashville. Last time we were there, we didn't even like coffee. How can you go through your day without coffee? Ridiculous! And how cute is that chocolate bar? It was good but I hadn't even opened it before it partially melted in my purse. Oh, the dangers of summer!

I forced Gabe to pull over and look at these old buildings from the early settlers of the city. I am a total sucker for the history of a city. A sucker, I tell you!

I am also a sucker for these leopard flats. As you can see I reach for them every day now!

This dress is from my wonderful sponsor, Chicwish. I was waiting for the perfect hot day to wear it and wearing it...I guess! Haha.

Dress: c/o Chicwish
Flats: Steven
Bag: Anthro

XO Coury


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