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You Are My Lucky Star.

I do love sequins. Lots. And sequins plus lavender? Oh, please... The detail on this blouse is amazing. It's mesmerizing me as I type this, actually. Then again, I am easily mesmerized! :)

Gabe asked me this morning, "If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life, would it be peach or lavender? Probably peach, huh?". He's cute.

In order to justify wearing this fancy top on a dog walk, I had to pair it with some slouchy pants. I realize that I cancelled out the slouchy pant with the heels but you (I) kinda have to wear heels with pants like this.

Anyway, Birdie has been sick for awhile. She got sick from the dog park and some ridiculously irresponsible pet owner. I think adopting a pet should be the same process of adopting a child. Less rigorous, yes, but along the same lines. Needless to say, she will NEVER be going anywhere near a dog park EVER AGAIN. We just felt bad because we live in a loft and she loves dogs so much so we took her nearly everyday because it made her so happy. We will (God willing) be living close to my family soon so she can play with our family doggies, Rooster and Martin, exclusively.

She's feeling better so we took her out for a walk on this gorgeous summer day.

Lavender Sequin Top: Fancy Treehouse
Pants: Zara
Booties: Anthro
Bag: Vintage

Well, we're half way through August..unbelievable!

XO Coury


Good morning, Good morning.

You're so so kind of charming.